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No bullsh%t. We are not just a partner that plugs in. We sit on your side of the table. Do you want to be good or do you want to be great? If you O.K with just the status quo, we are not for you. Let us take you to the next level.

Your first month's fees go to helping lives.

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Core services

Not to brag, but we have some serious skills. We’re hoteliers; hospitality experts – that’s what we know, that’s all we do. We sit on your side of the table we are not just your marketing hand.

Website Design & Development

We're passionate about creating epic websites to help you win more customers.

We’re not satisfied with "good enough" your website is never finished there is always improvements to be made.

  • Sites load within 2 seconds - beat that
  • ADA compliance website - lawsuit free
  • All device & browser friendly
  • Easy user experience
  • Content that people actually read
  • Dynamic content
  • Language translation
  • 24/7/365 realtime reporting
  • CMS like no other. No Joke.

SEO - Rank Or Die

Once you acquire top rankings, you have a powerful competitive advantage. Increase exposure gets more clicks, in result more bookings.

What's the point in having a website if it cannot be found in search results? We make put you on the map for searches related to "Hotel + Your City" and other related keywords.

  • Keyword strategy
  • Unique landing Pages
  • Make your website rank in different languages
  • META tags. Alt Tags
  • XML Sitemaps
  • Analytics & Webmaster tools

PPC - Pay Per Click

You got to spend money to make even more money. Your website can't rank on a search engine for all relevant keywords. in-order to gain more exposure run PPC.

It's like roulette the more chips you have on the table the more chance you will win, so why not increase your odds. We'll ensure you’re targeting the most appropriate keywords and not wasting your spend.

  • >4 Time ROI - if not stop it.
  • Proper tracking Installation
  • Gorilla tactics - can't mention here
  • META Search
  • Enforce trademark violators
  • Local/Geo radius targeting
  • Remarketing

The First Impression Matters

It's like a online dating profile, you scroll through many profiles till to see something that you like. The same applies to hotels, loading the right images that make you stand out from the rest is going to increase your click-through rates.

  • Dont be cheap - 40 images for $1000 is a steal
  • Content scores >90%
  • 4 images per room type
  • Expedia,, Tripadvisor, Google

Our Weapon

We create awesome stuff

Hands down. We have killer tools that no agency has. Not only we make good looking sites that load within 2 seconds. We also have plug-ins that make your website even more effective to improve conversions and improve leads.


Shhh...We have a tool to skyrocket your TripAdvisor, Google ot Yelp reviews. Guests always reference reviews before deciding to book a hotel or restaurant. Improving your ranking will drive more business to your property.

  • 83% - indicated that reviews help them pick the right hotel
  • 80% - read at least 6–12 reviews prior to booking
  • 53% - won’t commit to a booking until they read reviews


Display your meeting space well on the website. This APP has custom filters, which makes it easier for the meeting planner to narrow down their event space. Set your self apart from the competition.

  • The APP can be plugged in any website.
  • You can add the link to, any brand site – brand sites meetings section are terrible.
  • All device friendly – works great on Ipads – when the sales rep is doing their tour/pitch.


Let's face it location is one of the key aggregators when choosing a hotel, so why not brag about your location with an interactive map.

  • Beautiful interactive map that plugs into any website.
  • Loaded map on a touch screen TV in your lobby or print it out for handouts.
  • You can also load this map onto your brand website.


This is not your typical pop-up! Once a guest signs up, we can push offers and promotions straight on the guests desktop screen and mobile device. Puts email marketing to shame.

The user doesn't even need to be on your website for us to send them promotional messages.


Most agencies waste 60% of thier time creating reports and on pointless calls. We would rather spend 60% of our time improving and implementing ecommerce strategies to gain more market share.

  • Our reports are automated and emailed to you on a monthly bases.
  • Real-time statistics available to you 24/7/365.
  • If you want to sit on calls and go over reports, we are not for you.


It's our business model not to fund platforms that are simply bad for well-being and humanity's mental health. We focus on eCommerce strategies that generate incremental revenue and make a dent on your P&L - not on platforms that generate less 0.5% of total revenue.


Stick to the game plan.



Make It Better = $