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We are going through some difficult times at the moment but this is not the first global crisis to hit the hospitality industry. This will be over at some point in the future but here are a few things we can do for your website and marketing campaigns right now:

  1. Announce the fact that you do not have guests satying from countries severely affected by the coronavirus and countries with an existing travel ban (Ex. China, Italy, etc)
  2. Clearly announce your property’s coronavirus prevention plan to safeguard guests: We clean, spray, disinfect daily, we wear gloves and masks, we provide antimicrobial hand soap, HEPA filter air purifiers, we have increased the time housekeepers spend on cleaning rooms, etc.
  3. Do not discount without a plan! Discounting does not help hoteliers and can worsen the negative impact of the coronavirus scare. Discounting smells of desperation and does not generate extra demand.
  4. Clever packaging - give guests gas credit or a 3rd night free to increase the length of stay and last-minute booking discounts.
  5. Hotels with F&B outlets - promote grab & go, take out and UBER Eats.
  6. Smaller hotels with individual ventilation systems - promote it.
  7. Hotel without elevators - promote it.
  8. Hotels with outdoor corridors help increase the social distance of 6 feet.
  9. Accommodate special requests from guests: Eg: Leave the window open before arrival, extra towels and supplies in the rooms to reduce social distancing.
  10. Curbside check-in available. 
  11. We have a game plan for pay per click too - call us.
  12. Hell - we are also creating listings on Craigslist for travel nurse and long tern stays.
  13. Infographic labeling the the high touched areas and deep cleaning process [see sample below]

Finally, don’t panic and pause or decrease marketing spend (some exceptions if hotel is closed) but re-direct Ad dollars towards the feeder markets or brand recognition.

One of our client suggested we take down the site. That is the worst thing you can do right now. You are taking down your only tool for guests to find you. When things improve you are going to be starting from scratch to climb up search results making it even harder to bounce back.

We will get through this and my team here at Zambezi will do what it takes to help you - Reach out at any time of day. We will get things done.

Thank you for your valued partnership.